Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An App Called Aurasma!

An App Called Aurasma - Augmented Reality for the Classroom? 

It has been an outstanding experience and find in working with the App Aurasma. Basically this App allows the students to embed their own video footage to triggers they create or a trigger they have selected. I was extremely impressed with how easy, seamless and fundamentally practical this Augmented Reality App was.

You will need to download the the free App Aurasma. Have the students create an account. Once in the chance now is to work out how and what to use this App. for.

What the students have done is created triggers by hand that are related to book covers of the most recent book they have read. My goal for them was to write a book review script and make a short movie using the iPad camera, edit in iMovie or encourage them to be creative an make an animation using Puppet PalsHD or something similar.

We found that the Movies Reviews needed to be no longer than 1min30sec. in length otherwise the movie won't upload to Aurasma and embed into the trigger. The process of embedding the movie to the trigger is quiet straightforward and once this is done the students share their Aurasma experience view email to their peers. This allows anyone with Aurasma App to view the movie once the camera is positioned over the trigger.

The students had a ball working and creating the book reviews and showcasing their final Augmented product from the Book Review wall.

Another way Aurasma has been used is for project work in particular topics. The students researched certain subject areas, created a movie and embedded this into triggers on a poster. This I will say was self directed and generated by the students based on their initial exposure to the book review experience.

I can see many other areas for Aurasma to be used and currently investigating this in more depth with my students. It is an App that allows students to be be creative, meet the curriculum needs, collaborate with their peers and demonstrate how to link many facets of technology into one particular avenue. Augmented Reality has been listed in the Horizon Report as a form of Technology that will bee seen more in Education over the next five years. 


  1. I'm also a fan of Aurasma. Just recently I made an interactive thank you card for a friend. The QR code trigger allowed my friend to see a video. He was impressed. My next project is an interactive family calendar.

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