Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is Augmented Reality? 

Augmented Reality, abbreviation AR, is becoming more and more apart of our life’s when using iDevices or mobile technology. Augmented Reality technology is combining real world images, videos, sounds etc with computer-generated information and/or imagery. Within education Augmented Reality can play a huge part in empowering, engaging and enriching student learning. It is a form of technology that can take learning to another level through its rich interactive approach of bringing the real world into the hands of students or simply making an image or title on a page come to life.

In my Class:
I am lucky enough to be teaching a Year 5 Class in Melbourne, Victoria. This year we have become a 1:1 iPad environment that has been so far a huge success. We have used the iPads in many ways and developed a culture of learning and responsibility that 'engages, enhances and empowers', the students to learn in a very creativity and digital way. 

Ways To Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom? 
The ‘age old’ sentence starters on the IWB or board or rocket writing is something of the past. Sometimes to stimulate and engage students to write we need to engage them with a ‘carrot’ that will enhance their digital minds. Augmented Reality is that ‘carrot’. Below is a list of AR Apps that I have used and can be used to create narratives, comics, exposition writing, instructional writing and may even cross over into integrated curriculum. Students are taking screen shots and using these images from Augmented Reality Apps to build and plan their writing.

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