Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Writing, Tour Wrist, Puppet Pal and Screenshots.

Some people might argue that what you will read here is not Augmented Reality. But for me it is. This form of AR is using an app to its full effectiveness to integrate it's images into other apps. 

What I am explaining here is how I have used the fantastic 360 Panorama images from an app called Tour Wrist to engage my students to write, improve their descriptive language and enhance their skills in persuasive writing. 

What the students have done in a creative way is used images from this app to build narrative stories, creative comics or animations. This is a perfect example of the iPad allowing students to be creative by crossing over and blending various apps together to produce quality and creative work. 
Image from Tour Wrist

What I discovered was that students were taking screenshots of places of interest in Tour Wrist . These images were then placed into Book Creator, Strip Design and even in Puppet Pal as a background images.

The LOTE teachers have used Tour Wrist to allow students to describe places in China or France. From here they have created movies in Puppet Pals using the language of choice. 

One of my students wrote a fantastic book from his version of Alcatraz. Taking screenshots from the many angles in Tour Wrist.

Puppet Pals was used to create debates and persuasive text through the places of interest from around the world. The students worked in pairs and creating animations in Puppet Pal arguing which place was the better tourist destination. (Las Vegas or Paris) 

Debate using Tour Wrist Images

Debate using Tour Wrist Images

Tour Wrist mirrors through Reflection or AppleTV and looks amazing. The appearance and manipulation of this App through an iPad is spectacular. Explore the many options that are available in using Tour Wrist through writing, oral language and animation. 


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